Wedding Ceremonies

Are you looking for a unique, fun and unforgettable wedding ceremony? 

Are you craving something different to the classic church weddings or desire something more spectacular

than a simple registrar service?

Are you looking to celebrate your marriage with a ceremony that feels more you?

You're in the right place!

How about an un-wedding?

A One of a Kind Love Story

I work with couples to create something truly from the vows to the exchange of rings, your wedding ceremony will be a reflection of you. 

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and I strongly believe it should be unique and meaningful, not just some legal jargon written decades ago and delivered by a stranger on the day. 

As an Independant Celebrant I work with couples or families to create any kind of ceremony you desire. I work all over the UK and love meeting couples from places I've never been to, but I'm lucky to call the friendly county of Lancashire my home.



Any  location 

Gone are the days of having the ceremony in some back room of a hotel because it's the only room in the premises that's licensed!


Who wants to get married with horrendous carpet in all your photos? 

There is a way to get married absolutely anywhere and have the ceremony be the most fun part of the day! 

"I’m so glad we did this, such a special day with beautiful memories.

Thank you!"   -  Sharon

Using a Celebrant not only gives you complete freedom but also gives you complete piece of mind! 

Your wedding date is booked EXCLUSIVELY for you and your ceremony!

So if you're running late, the weather takes a nasty turn, or something unexpected happens there is no panic that your wedding won't be able to go ahead.

The Personal Touch

A Celebrant led wedding ceremony allows you to personalise your ceremony to your beliefs, personalities, style and preferences. 


You can add readings, poetry, even songs into your ceremony. 


Symbolic rituals such as Handfasting, Candle lighting and Sand Blending Ceremonies are becoming increasing popular as they offer a unique visual representation of the coming together of two individual people to form one team, united in marriage.   

You could even choose to create a wedding cocktail, or toast as newly weds as you sign your ceremonial certificate. 

Throw out the rule book! 


"Hazel offered suggestions but allowed us to make the day and ceremony completely our own - all our family and friends commented on how beautiful and unique the service was - with so many special touches that created a very personal service."

Can I include religious content?


Religion in weddings is a hot topic these days!


Church weddings are at an all time low, Humanist's weddings are becoming increasingly popular , but what if you're somewhere in the middle? 


As an Independent Celebrant I am free to include religion in my ceremonies if the couple request it, although many of my couples identify as non religious and instead choose to focus on the relationships and love between themselves and their family. 

If you would like to include religious elements, blend two or more religions together, or even choose a spiritual, pagan, or wiccan style ceremony I will work you to create something you LOVE! 


I often get requests from couples who come from two different religious backgrounds and want a ceremony that somehow combines elements of both into something truly unique and meaningful to them.  

Let's Go Outside 

Outdoor ceremonies are becoming increasing popular, despite the English weather and are quickly becoming my favourite kind of ceremony! 

Barns, Tipi's, Marquees, even set amongst the woodlands or by a lake. 

With a Celebrant led ceremony every location is a potential wedding venue. 

Many popular wedding venues are set in the sprawling English Countryside but hold their weddings in one single spot, usually a back room decorated in the 1800's as it's the only room thats licensed for civil ceremonies. 


Complete Freedom 


Any location you find can be the perfect place for a wedding ceremony.

A garden, a waterfall, the woodland, on top of a cliff, at your favourite pub, even on the beach! 

There really are no limitations! 

Your Ceremony Package will include ; 

Ceremony Planning ; 

Ceremony Consultation via Skype ( 90 mins )

Couples Quiz

Support writing your own vows

Help choosing music, readings etc..

Symbolic Rituals

Unlimited email contact 

Unlimited revisions of ceremony script

How it works

After I have chatted with you in depth and understand your needs and wants for your perfect wedding ceremony I begin to write your ceremony script. 

I use all the answers to your couples quiz to write your personal love story, including anecdotes, memories and fun facts about you as a couple. 

I have a degree in Creative Writing and my favourite part is crafting each couple's one of a kind story and turning it into something magical that is weaved into your ceremony.

We work together, editing the script until it feels completely perfect!  

Photo by Emma Ryan
Photo by Barbara Idasiak

On The Day

Full coordination with your other wedding suppliers 


Brief the wedding party 


Greeting your guests and helping with seating arrangements



Delivery of the ceremony


Keepsake ceremony script


Bespoke Vow Book 


Ceremony Certificate      

 Wedding Ceremony £600

(within 100 miles of Darwen, Lancashire)

+ £200 for travel anywhere within the UK  


Photo by Cara Bolton 

If you'd like to chat about how to create your bespoke wedding celebration ceremony please...