Marrying Miss Britain...

I first met Alex & Rick in a health food cafe in their home town of Bolton and we quickly bonded over a love of oat milk lattes and fitness.

A fellow Personal trainer and vegan, myself and Alex hit it off right away, and after lengthy chats about the difficulty in finding delicious vegan food when dining out, we began chatting about their dreams for a relaxed fun wedding.

Set in heart of Lancashire surrounded by acres of farmland and with views for miles, The Wellbeing Farm in Edgworth would be the backdrop for their big day.

Rick & Alex were the epitome of childhood sweethearts.

They met at the tender age of 15 via Myspace and fell in love at first sight.

They basked in the glow of young love and their first summer romance bloomed into a passionate love affair.

Despite their youth their desire to be together never faltered.

They attended college and university together, they went into business together doing wedding photgraphy, spent a year travelling Australia and exploring the world as a team.

They build a life and a home together, and welcomed into it their adopted dog Kali.

Their two worlds merged together until the pair could no longer imagine a life without the other by their side.

Photo by Sarah Glynn Photography

It was almost 13 years later that we sat down together to plan their wedding, with a refreshing carefree attitude to their big day.

They were inspired by sunflowers and bright colours and wanted the venue styling to reflect their happy, vibrant personalities.

Image by Sarah Glynn Photography

After initial chats about the wedding, we parted ways and whilst I wrote the first few drafts of their ceremony and researched potential music choices, poetry, and vow options for the happy couple, Alex went on to take over the world of bodybuilding.

In a few short months she won IBFA Overall British Champion 2019, and came 3rd in the World at NABBA Worlds.

Her dedication to a life of health and fitness is remarkable, and came second only to her dedication to her love for Rick and her best friend Holly who moved in with them to help them plan for the wedding.

As the wedding drew closer we chatted about an all vegan menu for the day, and the bride dreamed of a range of desserts to impress her guests including vegan donuts, cheesecake and brownies.

In the days running up to the wedding I've never seen a more relaxed bride.

Alex & Rick kept things simple and used friends to help make their day a dream come true with flowers, cupcakes, floral headpieces and brightly coloured chair ties.