Let's talk Styled Photoshoots....

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

If you follow a few of your wedding suppliers on social media it's likely you've come across the term styled photo shoot, but you may be wondering what is a styled shoot and why do wedding suppliers need them?

I'm here to fill you in on all the deets.

Photo @ Stella Fotos

What exactly is a Styled photoshoot?

It's a collaboration between wedding suppliers who come together creatively to style a Wedding Day set up and showcase their work. Usually all suppliers involve supply their product, service or creative skills for free in return for the chance to meet other like minded suppliers, gain fantastic photographs for your website or social media and to network with venues, photographers, venue stylists, MUA's, bridal companies etc etc...

Photo @sarahmariahphotography

So it's not an actual wedding?

No. Often photoshoots use a real couple as their models to capture their romance and passion for each other on camera, there may even be a mock ceremony in which the couple say their vows and exchange rings, but they don't actually get married.

Photo @sarah_glynn_photography

Why do suppliers need to do photoshoots?

Sometimes suppliers strike gold and gain access to the professional photos from a wedding they were involved in, but many times they do not. It's totally understandable, these photos are very personal to a couple, they capture the essence of their wedding and they may not want them shared them on social media to promote suppliers.

A wedding is all about the couple, and rightly so, but this means suppliers cannot just ask Sarah the photographer if she'll get a good shot of their product over by the flowers because it looks super cool in the light as the sunsets.

On a styled photoshoot each supplier can request specific shots, the photographer can get the lighting just so, and I as Celebrant can tie a handfasting ribbon as many times as needed to get that perfect shot that showcases the ritual.

Photo @barbara_idasiak